American Symbols Kindergarten Learning Trunk

Let’s Travel: American Symbols, Maps, + Globes

Kindergarten students will gain understanding of our place on a map and in the world through location, symbols, and history. We’ll discover that a map is a two-dimensional representation of an area that shows its physical features on paper, and a globe is a round three-dimensional object that represents the planet earth. This trunk also introduces American symbols that connect to important people and events in American history and connections to today.

WWII 5th Grade Learning Trunk

World War II

Fifth graders will explore the many factors that began WWII. They will learn the leaders of the major players, and the two primary “theaters” in which the war was fought. They will learn from real-life stories, and will step into the shoes of American soldiers, women, and families to explore how everyone had a pivotal role to play in the war effort. They will begin to learn some of the atrocities carried out in the Holocaust. In this World War II trunk, students will examine artifacts to make these lessons come alive.

Our Wondrous World First Grade Learning Trunk

Our Wondrous World

This trunk contains books, costumes and artifacts for students to travel the world. Unit topics cover landforms, climates and animal adaptations of NORTH AMERICA: The Great Plains, SOUTH AMERICA: Amazon Rainforest, ASIA: Mount Everest, AFRICA: Sahara Desert, ANTARCTICA: Polar Life, AUSTRALIA: Great Barrier Reef & The Outback, EUROPE, Plants and Oceans.

Indigenous Peoples Third Grade Learning Trunk

Native Americans on the Move

Students will learn about the ways of life of Indigenous Peoples of North America (primarily in what is now known as the United States) before the era of European exploration. They will explore how these Indigenous Peoples obtained food, built shelters, and constructed clothing using materials and resources from their environment.

Money on the Move 1st Grade Learning Trunk

Money On The Move

Students will explore currency with authentic bills and coins from around the world, learn about producers and consumers with a classroom snack shop, cash registers and games. Learn how to save money while gaining a deeper understanding of goods and services.

Civil War

The artifacts and literature in this trunk will help students comprehend events of the Civil War using documents, images and things they can touch and explore. Working with these sources, students will observe that different people reported what happened during the war from different points of view. By asking questions, and investigating the evidence they examine, students will construct their own understandings of this crucial era.

Force and Motion Second Grade Learning Trunk

Project Invention: Force and Motion

This trunk breaks down some pretty complicated physics into bite-sized chunks for both teachers and students. Teachers will love it because their plans, materials, PowerPoint presentations, tests and handouts are all right there. Students will love it because the trunk provides TONS of hand-on learning opportunities geared to multiple intelligence and different ability levels.